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Location: Near Balasinor, Gujarat.
Significance: One Of The Three Largest Dinosaur Sites In The World.
Belief: Part Of Shiva Crater.

Raivoli, near Balasinor, is one of the three largest dinosaur sites in the world. Experts believe that this may have been a major hatchery for dinosaur eggs, dating back 65 million years, some of which are over 20m long. Numerous eggs have been found here during excavations.

The site is a treasure-trove of fossils and clutches of petrified eggs which, together with the geological studies of the region, have led scientists to believe that this was one of the largest breeding grounds of the dinosaurs which were destroyed by a meteorite and subsequently by volcanoes.

This site is believed to be a part of the 'Shiva crater', caused millions of years ago by a meteor, from present day eastern Gujarat to the coast of present day Mumbai .

The Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL) has proposed a fossil park and dinosaur interpretation centre in this zone.

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