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Location: 40 Kms From Bhuj, Gujarat.
Held In: February/March.
In Memory Of: Saint Mekan Dada.
Duration: 3 Days.

Preparing to go Dhrang fair in GujaratAbout 40 Kms from Bhuj, near the little Rann of Kachchh, the Dhrang fair is held on the eve of Mahashivratri (February - March) every year. Held in the memory of Saint Mekan Dada, the fair attracts people from Gujarat and Rajasthan to participate in the religious rituals.

Born in 1720 AD, Saint Mekan Dada spent all his life serving the cause of humanity. He preached against untouchability and superstitions. Legend has it that Saint Mekan Dada had a dog and a donkey who used to go into the Rann daily, with water and food to quench the thirst and show the direction to the lost travellers.

Known for his simple living and high thinking, saint Mekan Dada left behind a legacy of his preaching, which earned him the respect and devotion of generations to come.

At Dhrang, he gave up his life, where the fair is held every year for three days.

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