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Location: Near Bhuj, Gujarat.
Built By: Rao Godji.
Famous For: Tower Dedicated To 'Bhujang Nag'.
Presently Maintained By: Indian Army.

At a short distance from Bhuj town is the hill fort of Bhujia, the top surrounded by a parapet wall of no great strength, entered by one gate, and enclosing an irregular area with a few scattered buildings.

The fort was built by Rao Godji as a sort of out-work defense for Bhuj. It was completed during Maharao Desalji's reign when the hill was crowned with its Snake Temple and was fortified as a further aid to the defense of the capital.

At one corner is a small square tower dedicated to 'Bhujang Nag' (snake) said to have been the brother of 'Shesh Nag'- Lord of the under world ('Patal'), who came from Than of Kathiawar and freed Kachchh from the oppression of demons known as 'daityas' and 'rakshasas'.

To commemorate this event, an annual fair is held on the fort-hill on the Nag Panchami day (Shravan Sun 5, August).

Bhujia Hill fort is now under the jurisdiction of Indian Army. So it is strictly prohibited to enter in on any day except on the day of Nag Panchami fair.

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