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Location: 100 Kms From Bhuj, Gujarat.
Widely Believed: To Have Been The Capital Of Kathis.
Nearby attraction: Sun Temple.

Kanthkot, 100 kms from Bhuj, is an old fort on the top of an isolated rocky hill about five km in circumference in Bhachau Taluka. It has walls built of massive blocks repaired in many places by smaller stones.

It is said to have been the capital of the Kathis in the eighth century, and to have been taken from them by the Chavdas. Sun Temple - The Prime Attraction in Modhera - Gujarat

Close to the ruins of the Jain temple is an old temple dedicated to the Sun.

SUN TEMPLE: The old Sun temple still contains the image of the Sun God with folded hands. This is the only Sun temple (10th century) in Kachchh. Normally, the idol of the Sun God is shown as having lotus in both the hands but here the idol stands with hands folded.

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