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Location: Village Chitrasani, Off Ahmedabad-Mt. Abu National highway - 14, District Banaskantha, Gujarat
Built In Between: 1920's & 1930's
Built By: HH Nawab Saheb Sir Taley Muhamad Khan Lohani

Balaram palace was the weekend retreat and hunting resort of the Lohani who ruled from Jalore in Southwestern Rajasthan and moved to Palanpur after Jalore was annexed to the kingdom of Jodhpur, Marwar. The palace was erected in the 1920s and 30s during the rule of HH Nawab Saheb sir Taley Muhamad Khan Lohani, one of the most loved of the Nawab. The palace has now been taken over by a private entrepreneur, whose family has been in the hospitality business for over 17 years.

Balaram Palace Resort in GujaratThe palace is a gracious work of neo-classical architecture, with 13 acres of private woodlands and formally landscaped gardens with Mexican lawns, exotic flowerbeds, Modern fountains and well-concealed music system. Inside the palace are some beautiful marble galleries, wooden staircases and well-appointed public areas. The terrace has breathtaking views of the Aravallis hills, specially during the sunset. The palace has been beautifully restored and renovated.

Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary And Jessore Hill Sanctuary
Fine hill forests near the palace are home to Sloth Bear, Panther, Blue Bull, 4-horned home to Sloth Bear, Panther, Blue Bull 4 horned Antelope, Jackal, etc. Excellent area for bird watching with Grey Hornbill, Grey Jugle Fowl, Flycatchers, Drongoes, etc. are among the many birds seen over here.

Balaram Temples
A number of temples of religious importance are located along Balaram River. An important religious fair takes place at Balaram annually.

Palanpur is a famous Diamond centre with sightseeing attractions such as havelis, palaces, Kirti Stambha, King George Clubhouse.

Balaram Palace Resort in GujaratEXCURSIONS
Ambaji (45-km)
A popular palace of Hindu Pilgrimage, Ambaji is also well known for it's marble quaries, marble carving artisans, honey and timber. Its also an important centre for marble tiles.

Kumbhariaji (Approx. 50-km)
It's a beautiful cluster of five 1034-1162 AD Jain temples with intricate marble carvings rivalling those of Dilwara and Ranakapur.

Dhantiwada (45-km)
This place is a famous reservoir on river Banas, agricultural university, good picnic and winter bird watching spot.

Sidhapur (47-km)
It is known for its 12TH century Rudramalaya temple with beautiful Torana gates, havelis, and Kartika Poornima camel fair.

Patan (73-km)
Patan is famous for its 11th century stepwell, Patola silk weaving, Jain temples, and magnificent havelis.

Taranga (86-km)
Taranga houses exquisitely carved 12th century Jain temples, with spectacular hilly location.

Vadnagar (65-km)
Vadnagar attractions include 12th century Toranas, beautifully carved Solanki period gates, a lake, Naggar Brahmin havelis, and a 17th century Hatkeshwar temple.

The palace is 167-km from Ahmedabad, 14-km from Palanpur Station, 3-km Off Ahmedabad - Abu National Highway - 14. It's a very convenient stop over between Ahmedabad and the destinations of Rajasthan.

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