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Location: Balasinore, District Kheda, Gujarat
Built In:
1883 AD
Built By:
Nawab Saheb Manover Khanji Babi

The Nawabi Touch
The Nawab dynasty of Balasinore came to India from Afghanistan and were appointed Subehdars of Ahmedabad during Mughal period. The Garden palace was built in 1883 AD by Nawab Saheb Manover Khanji Babi and is set in fine gardens, agricultural fields and orchards. It has 4 guest rooms, a grand drawing room and beautiful dining hall.

The property is now being converted into a 10 room heritage hotel with a conference hall, arrangements for holding wedding receptions in the lawn and other facilities. The Garden palace serves meals in a typical Nawabi period ambience, made from home grown vegetables, milk from the palace dairy and chicken from the family's own poultry.
Garden Palace in Balasinor -  Gujarat
Interesting sightseeing spots include the pre-historic faunal site of Railolo where Dinosaur skeleton was excavated, the 13th century Shiv temple at confluence of Mahi and Sukhi rivers, the Laliya Lavhar fort associated with much folklore, the famous Krishna temple of Dakore, known for it's gilded chariot and turtle filled temple tank, the Shiv temple at Hgalteshwaar, the carved havelis of Kapadvaj, the scenic reservoir of Vanakbori, the tribal areas of Panchamahals and hot sulphuric springs of Lasundra.

Balasinore is 86-km from Ahmedabad, and is a possible stopover between Ahmedabad and the destinations of Malwas such as Mandu, Dhar, Indor and Ujjani. Safaris by Tata Sumo and other entertainments can be organised for the visitors.

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