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Location: 89 Kms From Bhavnagar, Gujarat.
Architecture: European Colonial Style.
Significance: Here Tidal Waves Are The Largest In The World.

Gopnath Bungalow was the seashore retreat of the royal family of Bhavnagar. Built in a European colonial style with cottages and mansions surrounding a courtyard, the whole complex faces the sea.
The tidal waves here are among the largest in the world. Blessed with lovely white sand beaches it is a nature lover's paradise. You can see marine life in the rocky shoals, extensive coastal bird life including oystercatcher and plovers, stripes hyena and jackal in the coastal scrublands.

Gopnath Bunglow in GujaratGopnath is known for its temples and fishing villages. This is the place where the Punjabi Muslim falconers appointed by the maharajas of Bhavnagar used to capture peregrine falcons that hunted the seawaters and roosted on the craggy rocks.


Gopnath is 89 kms from Bhavnagar and can be slotted between Bhavnagar and Diu. It can also be used as a base to visit the Jain temples of Palitana and the sights of Bhavnagar.

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