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Location: Vijay Bagh, Via Lothal Burkhi, District Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Built By: Neknamdar Thakore Saheb Sur Sinhji
Presently Owned And Managed By: Thakore Family Of Utelia
Architecture: Indo-Sarcenic Style

Utelia was founded in 1786 AD by Bhav Sinhji, a member of the Baghela Rajput clan that one ruled much of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Malwa and Rewa. The palace Utelia was built wooden palace by Neknamdar Thakore Saheb Sur Sinhji.

The Palace Utelia is a typical work of the Indo-Saracenic architectural style with European influences, and features 5 domes, pillared galleries, balconies and porticoes. The highlight of the property is the dining hall, which is appointed in elegant wooden furniture, well-framed portraits, gilt-framed mirrors and antique corner tables.

The terrace has splendid views of the village, the river Bhogavo and the float countryside of Bhal. The principal attraction of the property is rural solace. The property is owned and manUtelia Palace in Gujarataged by the Thakore family of Utelia.

The Village
Traditional houses diamond polishing, temples, Hot Springs and the typical ambience of an Indian village are the prime attractions of Utelia village. Agricultural countryside (Cotton and wheat fields) and Bharwad hamlets around Utelia are also worth visiting.

Around 7-kms from the property, archaeological ruins of the 2400-1600 BC Indus Valley civilization, citadel with dockyard, acropolis, bead factory and a site museum definitely merits a visit.

Utelia Palace in GujaratGundi Ashram
This Ashram is known for its Handloom weaving and spinning crafts work.

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary (approx. 35-kms)
The sanctuary's main attraction is 100-sq-km lake with thousands of birds-flamingoes, pelicans, ducks, etc., which are specially seen in winter. Nalsarovar is also known for its Padhar, Sindhi, Muslim and Bharwad Culture.

Velavadar National Park (60-kms)
An extensive tract of grasslands, with some of anima's greatest herds of Blackbuck, Antelope, some Blue Bull, Wolf, Fox, Jackal, one of the world's greatest Harrier Roost and typical grassland birds.

Ganpatpura (approx. 25-kms)
Ganapatpura is famous temple of Lord Ganesh (also spelt as Ganesha) known for its statue.

Ahmedabad (78-kms)
The Palace Utelia is the closest heritage hotel to Ahmedabad, the city of textile, monuments, museums, institute and commerce.

Cambay (approx. 65-kms)
Cambay is famous not only for its historic fort, but also for its magnificent Indo-Saracenic architecture, and stone cutting artisans.

Utelia is 78-kms from Ahmedabad, 5-kms from Lothal Burkhi railway station. Popular stopover between Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar are just 4-kms off Ahmedabad-Bhavnagar Highway.

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