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Location: 92 Kms From Rajkot, Gujarat.
Founded In: 1540 AD.
Prime Attractions: Lakhota Fort, Solarium.
Main Languages: Gujarati, Hindi, English.

Founded in 1540 AD, Jamnagar is a coastal town about 300 kms west of Ahmedabad and 92 kms from Rajkot. The Jamnagar district, originally constituted as Halar district, is not only recent in its origin but also in its modern set up. But the region comprised therein is of great antiquity and dates back to ancient periods of Jamnagar. According to Pauranik literature, Lord Krishna established his kingdom at Dwarka, now in Jamnagar district, after his migration from Mathura and it is to this great Yadava race that the Jams of Nawanagar trace their descent.

Built by Jam Raval, a Jadeja Rajput leader who migrated from Kachchh, Jamnagar was the capital for four centuries of the prosperous princely state of Nawanagar. Present day Jamnagar is a charming blend of the old and the new with its ancient monuments and broad streets, imposing facades, and squares, which make it one of the most beautiful cities in the Saurashtra peninsula.

Jamnagar is the hometown of the world famous cricketers Ranjit Singh and Duleep Singh after whom the Ranji and Duleep Trophy are named in domestic Indian cricket.

Solarium: Known as the Ranjit Institute of Poly-Radio Therapy. A slowly revolving tower provides daylong sunlight. It is open to visitors after working hours.

Bala Hanuman Temple: Since August 1st 1964, there has been a continuous chanting of 'Shri Ram', 'Jai Ram', 'Jai Jai Ram', or 'Ram Dhun' (invocation of Lord Rama) 24 hours a day. This continuous rendition has earned the temple a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Willingdon Crescent: The most remarkable of Ranjit Singh's construction is Willingdon crescent, the swooping arches of its curved facade overlooking the wide streets of Chelmsford Market.

Lakhota Lake in Jamnagar - GujaratRozi And Bedi Ports: These are attractive seaside picnic spots and offer good fishing facilities.

Lakhota Fort And Kotha Bastion: In the centre of old Jamnagar, on an island in the middle of the lake, are two magnificent old structures: the Lakhota Fort and the Kotha Bastion.

How To Get There
Air: Various domestic airlines connect Ahmedabad with nearby cities.
Rail: On the Western Railway with direct connections with Ahmedabad.
Road: State transport buses and private luxury coaches connect various centres of Gujarat. Jamnagar is 308 kms from Ahmedabad via Rajkot and 92 kms from Rajkot.

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Acceptable accommodation is limited in Jamnagar. Most of the budget accommodation options are available in and around New Super Market.

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Jamnagar is renowned for its silk, gold embroidery, silver ware, 'bandhani' (tie-and-dye) fabrics that are renowned the world over. Nutcrackers (especially the ones made for betel nuts) made in Jamnagar are in great demand all over India. It is also known for its pearl fisheries, a naval base of some importance, and a certain type of tie-and-dye fabrics.

Rajkot: 92 kms.
Ahmedabad : 308 kms.

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