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Location : 210 Kms From Bhuj, Gujarat.
Significance : One Of The Five Holy Lakes In India.
Attraction : Narayan Sarovar Chinkara Sanctuary.

One of the most sacred pilgrim centres of the Hindu religion, Narayan Sarovar is uppermost in the pilgrims' circuit. An embankment surrounds the temple complex, which is an assimilation of many Hindu divinities, and the architecture is ancient and awesome.

This lake among the most ancient and holiest places of pilgrimage. Mahakunvar, wife of Maharo Deshalji, constructed the temple complex. The complex consists of Trikamrai, Lakshminarayan, Givardhannath, Dwarkanath, Adinarayan, Ranchhodrai and Lakshmiji temples.

Narayan Sarovar  Lake in GujaratIt is a fresh water lake, close to the Arabian Sea, which, it is believed never dries up. A fair is held here on 11th to the 15th of Kartik (November-December). One can see a number of birds such as herons, plovers, seagulls, egrets and the occasional sea eagle.

Narayan Sarovar lake, one of the five sacred lakes mentioned in the ancient scruptures, the others being Mansarovar at Kailash (Tibet), Bindu Sarovar at Bhubaneswar , Orissa , Pushkar in Rajasthan and Pampa in the South.

A few kilometres away from the Narayan Sarovar is the Chinkara Sanctuary. It is about 210 kms from Bhuj. This sanctuary is the home of the 'Chinkara' or the Indian gazelle.

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