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Location : Porbandar, Gujarat.
Significance: Birth Place Of Mahatma Gandhi.
Height:79 feet.
Foundation Stone Laid By: Sardar Patel.

The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar, on October 2, 1869. The house where he was born is situated at the back of the 'haveli' of Shrinathji, near Manek Chowk in Porbandar, the Taluka headquarters of Junagadh district, in Gujarat.

This house was purchased from members of the Gandhi family, who were staying there in 1947, to convert it into a monument - Kirti Mandir. Structures that were no longer required, along the road leading to the house, were removed. Kirti Mandir - The House of Gandhi Ji in Porbadar - Gujarat

The foundation stone of Kirti Mandir was laid in 1947. This piece of art was completed within two years. The opening ceremony of this memorial was performed by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

There are some distinguished elements in the architectural and sculptural planning of Kirti Mandir. The Mandir includes, in its structure, the best elements of the constructional art of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples, Christian churches, Parsee fire temples and Muslim mosques.

The Mahatma was 79 years old when construction of the temple began; so the height of the temple is 79 feet. Seventy-nine designs of lamp bowls have also been included. Life-sized paintings of the Mahatma and Kasturba are placed under the dome. Two ideals, "Truth" and "Non-violence", have been inscribed in the stands.

The main incidents in the life of the Mahatma are inscribed in chronological order, near the paintings. Some 'shlokas' (religious hymns) and 'bhajans' (devotional songs) of the Mahatma's choice, as well as pieces from his speeches have been inscribed on various pillars. The monument is a genuine tribute to the Father of the Nation.

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