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Location : Sidhpur, Gujarat.
Dedicated To : Lord Shiva.
Built By : Mulraj.

The Rudra Mahal at Sidhpur was conceived and constructed as a tribute to Mahadev, by the first Solanki king of Gujarat, Mulraj. Construction of the Rudra Mahal started probably in 983 AD and took 175 years to complete.

Twenty years after ascending to the throne, Mulraj had put his kingdom into order, and was in a position to turn to more unworldly things. Mulraj decided that the bank of the river Saraswati was a fitting site for the temple. The 150 yard long and 135 yard wide temple also had 11 smaller temples, and three 40-feet high gates.

Rudra mahal in Siddhpur - Gujarat Approximately ten years after the work on the temple had started, Mulraj breathed his last. The succeeding four generations did nothing to further the work.

The fifth generation, Siddharaja Jaisinh, restarted the work on the structure. After 14 years of incessant work, the temple was finally completed.

The main temple in the complex was 150 ft x 100 ft, the largest temple, then, Somnath, was by comparison much smaller; a mere 130 feet x 75 feet the main temple had a three-storey high foyer. It is said that the entire structure rested on 1600 pillars.

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