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Location : Gujarat.
Built In : 1867 AD.
Important Feature : Part Of It Has Been Converted Into A Museum.
Orchard Retreat Of : Maharao Madan Sinh.

The Sharad Baug Palace located to the east of Hamirsar Lake was the orchard retreat of Maharao Madan Sinh, who signed the treaty of accession and commissioned the Kandla port. It is an Italian style mansion.

Set in spacious and beautifully tended gardens, the palace itself, built in 1867, is of very modest proportions, with just a drawing room downstairs and bedroom upstairs.

Some of the rooms are now a museum with old furniture, colonial trappings, portraits, stuffed tigers, elephants tusks, silver caskets, old utensils and trophies won by Madan Sinh in tennis and other sports.

The dining room is in a separate building and on display here are a number of the Maharao's personal possessions. Also on display is his coffin, in which his body was brought back from the U.K. for cremation! The Maharao of Kachchh Shri Madansinhji Jadeja - the last Maharao died in the United Kingdom in 1991.

The great gardens of Sharad Baug Palace have nurseries for various plants, and grass courts to which leading tennis players were regularly invited. One can saunter down leafy paths overhung with hibiscus and waving palms: migrant birds call from their hideaways, relaxing after their long flight across the deserted Rann of Kachchh.

Sharad Baug Palace, open to visitors who can buy plants from its nursery, is the most relaxing and verdant of the royal palaces in Bhuj; as else where the city palace complex is completely surrounded by other buildings.

Sharad Baug Palace is open from 9 am-12 pm and 3 pm-6 pm daily, except on Fridays.

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