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Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Significance : One Of The Most Beautiful Mosques In India.
Built By : Sultan Ahmed Shah.
Built In : 1423/1424 AD.

Described by some as the most beautiful mosque in India, Jumma Masjid is situated in the centre of the old city of Ahmedabad . The congregational mosque was built by the city's founder, Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1423/1424 AD. Built in yellow sandstone, it combines the best of Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture. It stands on pillars that support domes at varying elevations. The mosque is located in the centre of the old city.

Jumma Masjid in Ahmedabad - GujaratAN ARCHITECTURAL MARVEL
The vast paved courtyard is a rectangle about seventy-five metres by sixty-six metres. The whole of the western chamber is a big hall. It stands on 260 pillars all carved from Hindu and Jain traditions, supporting 15 domes at varying elevations.

The central courtyard is accessible from the East, though there are three ways on the other side too. The Eastern side entrance leads to another enclosure containing the mausoleum of Sultan Ahmed Shah. The mosque is an architectural triumph.

Also near the Eastern entrance stands the 'roja' or the tomb of the Sultan Ahmed Shah. This tomb was a homage to the Sultan by his son Mohammed Shah II. The tomb houses the graves of three of the greatest rulers of Gujarat - Ahmed Shah I, his son, Mohammed Shah and his grandson, Qutub-Ud-Din Ahmed Shah II.

After a passage of 100 years, the tomb was repaired by a nobleman by the name of Farhatul Maluk, who also got the walls of the mosque engraved. Today after centuries of heat and rough weather, the Jumma Masjid of Ahmedabad stands unchallenged and serves as a prayer place for numerous Muslims residing in the city.

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