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Location: West End of India
Capital: Gandhinagar
Tourist Attractions: Gir National Park, Dwarka, Kutchh
Best Time To Visit: July To April

Sundari: This is a family instrument of Langa community in Kachchh. It is a double reed wind instrument and has 7 to 9 holes. It is a short and tiny instrument on which the maestro can play with ease.

Bhorrindo: It is a very ancient folk instrument and is shaped like a hollow clay ball with three to four holes of different sizes. It is made of soft alluvial clay available in plenty everywhere in the central Indus Valley Civilization. It is popular among the young who play on it while grazing cattle.

Surando - A Musical Instrument of GujaratSurando: This is a very ancient stringed folk musical instrument of Kachchh. This instrument is played with the help of the bow or 'Gaz'. 'Surando' is believed to have been played as 'Sarinda' in Northern parts of India as well as in Sindh of Pakistan.

Morchang: This is a simple yet sophisticated instrument made of iron or brass. Used by the shepherd community, it is called by different names in various parts of the world. In Kachchh, the Morchang is used exclusively for rendering folk music.

Kani: 'Kani' or 'Narr' (a generic name for reed plants in Sindhi language) is a reed instrument common to Kachchh, Baluchistan in Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. 'Narr' is just a piece of hollow reed with four equidistant holes pierced towards the tail end and about 2-3 feet long. Traditionally, the 'Narr' and its music are associated with love, sorrow and separation.

Jodia Pawa: This instrument has a significant roll in the cultural heritage of Kachchh. 'Jodia Pawa' is a pair of two flutes, a male and another a female of the same size and length of about 20 to 22 inches. This instrument is mostly played by the shepherds of the desert area while grazing their cattle

Ghado Or Ghaghar: it is a baked earthen jar played to the accompaniment of 'Surando'.

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