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Location : Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
Dedicated To : Swaminarayan Sect.
Built Of : 600 Tons Of Pink Sandstone.
Specialty : The Multimedia Show.

Akshardham, the Swaminarayan temple of Gandhinagar, is a modern complex, built in traditional Indian architectural style. The imposing 10 storey high monument is made entirely of intricately carved, 6000 tons of pink sand-stone from Rajasthan , with no steel or cement used at all, ensuring that the monument will last for a thousand years. It is 108 feet (32.92 m) tall, 240 feet (73.15 m) long and 131 feet(39.93 m) wide.

Akshardham is an architectural marvel of this century, oozing with awe-inspiring auspiciousness and amazing craftsmanship. More than 12 million man-hours of 900 skilled craftsmen have created this magnificent monument of 93 sculpted pillars, 40 windows carved from both sides, and a feast of forms and filigreesAkshardham in Gujarat

At the centre of the spacious Akshardham complex, a delicate and beautiful architectural masterpiece, the Akshardham Monument, which enshrines the golden idol of Swaminarayan, the founder of the Swaminarayan Faith.

The first floor galleries house a museum portraying the 500 'parahansas', and several things belonging to Swaminarayan such as his letter to guru, Ramanand, a piece from an old tree from Chapaya, his pure wool shawl, a replica of his old home and other displays. The galleries outside have a state of the art exhibition using audio-visuals, multi-media, dioramas of the life of Swaminarayan and from Hindu epics to introduce visitors to the concept of the Akshardham movement, founded in 1907 AD to promote the preachings of Swaminarayan.

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