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The Sabarmati, one of the biggest rivers of north Gujarat, originates from the Dhebar lake in Rajasthan and flows towards the Gulf of Cambay. The Hathmati, the Vatrak, the Mazam, the Meshvo, the Shedhi, the Khari and other rivulets join it.

The three "virgin" rivers of the north and the Sabarmati with its tributaries are the daughters of the Aravalli ranges, while the Mahi and the Narmada with their families originate from Madhya Pradesh , the former in the big lake near Amzara and the latter in the Amarkantak. The Mahi is joined by the Bhadar, the Anas, the Panam and the Meshri. The Narmada one of the biggest and holiest river along with the only tributary, the Karjan, meets the sea, about 16km from Broach.
Sabarmati River in Gujarat
Sabarmati River Basin is situated in the mid-southern part of Rajasthan , between latitudes 23°25' and 24°55' and longitudes 73°00' and 73°48'. To its east lie the Banas and Mahi Basins, to its north the Luni Basin and to its west the West Banas Basin. Its southern boundary is the border with Gujarat State.

The total catchment area of the Basin is 4,164 km2 according to the 1:250,000 scale topographical maps published by the Survey of India.

Sabarmati River Basin extends over parts of Udaipur , Sirohi, Pali and Dungarpur Districts. Geographically, the western part of the Basin is marked by hilly terrain belonging to the Aravalli chain. East of the hills lies a narrow alluvial plain with a gentle eastward slope.

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