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Location : Modhera, Gujarat.
Famous As : Jain Pilgrimage.
Houses : Image Of Parsvanath.

Shankheshwar Temple is a famous old Jain pilgrimage site where a newer temple dated 1811-1812 AD, now stands. The village where the temple stands was given on a lease - grant by Emperor Shah Jahan to the Nagarsheth of Ahmedabad, named Seth Shantidas.

The temple ranks next only to Palitana in importance for the Jains. The image of the main Tirthankara Parshvanath belongs to Samvat 1666 while the inscriptions date back to 1656-1686 AD. The cells are built of brick, which have been moulded and not cut to shape.

Fair are held here in Hindu months of Chaitra and Kartik corresponding with the solar months of March/April and October/November respectively on the full moon days and Margashirsha Vad 10.

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