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Location: West End of India
Capital: Gandhinagar
Tourist Attractions: Gir National Park, Dwarka, Kutchh
Best Time To Visit: July To April

Tribals House - Gujarat

If one wants to see the varsity of tribes in India pay a visit to Kachchh, also known as 'the abode of tribal India'. Words can't express the cultural variety and unique heritage of Gujarati tribes. Keeping in touch with the civilized world still able to preserve and maintain the ancestral traditions is quite remarkable. And the handicrafts, one has to have a look at them. A small region like Banni is having so many varieties of embroidered patterns and designs, which are the finest and most eye-catching workmanship one can ever witness. Even if the tribals follow their own lifestyles, they are the people who have the capacity to enjoy life to the outmost.

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