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Location : Western Haryana
Name Derived From : Goddess Bhawani
Main Attractions : Prithviraj Ki Kutchery
Also Known As: Little Kashi

Also called Bhawani City, the city is located on a tributary of the Ganges River, northeast of the Great Indian Thar Desert. The surrounding region includes outlying hills of the Aravalli Range. Selected by the British in 1817 AD as a free-market site, it is now a progressive industrial town. The industries of the region include cotton milling, ginning, and pressing and light manufacturing.

The legend
Bhiwani name comes from goddess Gauri Bhawani, Shiva's wife, and is also called 'Little Kashi' because there are about 300 temples within the town. According to another legend the town is said to have derived its name from a local lady 'Bhani'. Legend has it that Bhani was the wife of a Jatu Rajput, who saved her husband's life from treachery. It was after her that the town came to be known as Bhani and later Bhiwani.

Tourist Attractions
Prithviraj ki Kutchery: (also known as Baradari) is where Prithviraj Chauhan, the Hindu ruler, held a durbar of sorts.

Other Attractions: Other interesting sites are shrines of Khera Baba and Lohar Pir. There's the Loharu Fort also, and an ancient Harappan mound although not much is left of what was originally on it; the 'samadhis' (tombs) of Todar Singh and Baba Shami Dayal and the mosque and tomb of Raja Khetri.

How To Get There
Rail: Bhiwani is an important rail junction.
Road: The place is connected with nearby cities by a well-developed network of roads.

Where To Stay

Red Robin Tourist Complex, Bhiwani: The tourist complex has facilities such as guest- house, restaurant, bar and lawns.

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