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Location : Hissar, Haryana.
Significance : Pre Harappan & Harappan Site.
Area : 400-sq m.

Mound Khokrakot The extensive mound locally known as Khokrakot is identified with the ancient town of Rohtak, mentioned in the great epic Mahabharata, possibly the capital of the Yaudheya Gana. A carved pillar capital found here shows winged-lions with riders assignable to Kushana period.

Large number of coin moulds of the later Yaudheyas, a terracotta plaque belonging to the Gupta period and a coin of Samanta Deva, a tenth century Hindu ruler of Kabul, have been excavated from the surface. According to a local tradition, the town was rebuilt by the Chauhan ruler, Prithvi Raj in the twelfth century and later destroyed by Muslim invaders.

How To Get There
Air: The nearest airport is at Delhi.
Rail: The nearest rail junction is at Rohtak.
Road: Rohtak has a bus stand of its own.

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