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Location : Thanesar, Haryana
District : Kurukshetra.
Significance : Traces Of Protohistoric Life

The ancient site known as Raja Karna-ka-Kila, is a huge mound about 5-km west-southwest of Thanesar. The mound is about 10 m high from the general ground level. The excavation in the main mound revealed a three-fold sequence.

Period I: No sherd of the Painted Grey Ware was obtained form the deposits of the period. The earliest occupation in this part of the mound seems to have begun by about the fourth century BC.

Period II: This period was marked by the occurrence of the 'Plain Ware' and 'Red Polished Ware', and may be dated to third century AD. Among the finds, the most notable were three clay sealings, bearing legends in Brahmi script of the early centuries of the Christian era and a few terracotta figurines. Thereafter, the site remained deserted till it was re-occupied in the late medieval times.

Period III: The use of 'lakhauri' bricks and pre-Mughal 'glazed ware' characterized this period. To this period belonged two parallel walls and revetment was of 'lakhauri' bricks. The whole complex seems to have formed part of a late medieval fortification. Another interesting structure of this period was a 'hauz' of 'lakhauri' bricks, plastered with lime.

Traces of Protohistoric Habitation
In a mound located 200m to the east of the main mound, the excavation revealed a protohistoric habitation, belonging to the late phase of the Harappan culture, which was based right on the top of the natural soil and was 1 m to 1.50 m in thickness. A structural complex of mud-brick walls consisting of twin rooms, was exposed. A fireplace, a refuge pit, an oven and a corn bin were encountered in the bigger room. The smaller room is almost square in plan with a small entrance on the southeast.

Two structural phases were noticed. The bricks used in the structures are of the size 40x20x10 cm. Noteworthy finds of the period included a large number of beads of agate, crystal, faience, jasper, steatite and carnelian; a beautiful figurine of a stag and circular and triangular cakes among other things.

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Air: The nearest airport is at Chandigarh .
Rail: The nearest rail junction is at Kurukshetra.
Road: Kurukshetra has a bus stand of its own.

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