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Location : 127 Kms From Delhi
District : Jind
Set Up In : 1972

Bulbul Tourist Complex, set up in 1972 AD is located in Jind, a small but historic town. Tradition has it that the Pandavas built a temple here in honour of Jainti Devi (Goddess of victory). A town grew up around here and was named Jaintapuri that later changed to Jind. The area fell under Raja Gajpat Singh in 1755 AD, who built a fort here. King Raghubir Singh, another ruler of Jind built a temple here, dedicated to Lord Shiv. The Temple lies opposite the tourist complex. Hari Kailash temple and the tomb of Shah Walayat are other centres of interest.

Facilities: Guesthouse, restaurant, lawns, conference hall and camper huts. It was built under the scheme to launch a holiday station at district headquarter towns. A compact centre, the tourist facilities at Bulbul Tourist Complex delight the tourists.

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