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Location : 259 kms From Delhi
District : Sirsa
Built In : 1980

Sirsa as a complex came into existence in 1980 within a 1-acre area. Being a district headquarters, it gained prominence.

Historically, Sirsa is an ancient town finding mention in the Mahabharata. Then it was known as 'Sairishaka'. Records tell us it flourished as a city in the 5th Century AD. Over the years, Sirsa remained the grain bowl of the area delighting Kings with its rice and sugarcane output. The (1783 AD) Chalisa famine devastated the land. But Sirsa has rallied and is today a major agricultural tract. Gurudwara and some old tombs mark its antiquity.

Facilities: Restaurant, bar, motel, gift shop, conference hall, children's park and lawns.

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