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Location: 2-km Southwest Of Suraj Kund, Near Village Anangpur
In Memory Of: Anangpal Of Tomar Dynasty
Construction: local quartzite stone

About 2-km southwest of Suraj Kund is a dam ascribed to Anangpal of the Tomar dynasty, who is also credited with the building of Lal Kot. A road branching off west at a distance of about 19-km from Delhi on the Mathura road can now also reach it.

Here, again, rainwater has been blocked by throwing up a dam of local quartzite stone across the impounded waters is an impressive sight during the rainy months. The sluice openings in the dam allowed the water to flow through the ravine and irrigated the fields below.

In the neighbouring hills also exist ruins of some fortifications, which lend support to the popular belief that Anangpur represents the site of a town founded by King Anangpal.

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