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Location : Faridabad, Haryana
Feature : Man Made
Attraction : Birds

Ornithologists' Paradise
Located 32 kms from Delhi , Badkhal Lake is a splendid lake retreat. A bastion of pleasure. A spot to holiday. Strange though it may seem, the lake is fringed by hills - 32 km from Delhi. Come winter and flocks of bird descend upon it. Here is an ornithologist's delight.

Badkal LakeBadkhal Lake, fringed by hills is a man-made embankment, which holds back the waters of the lake making it a perfect spot for water-sports. On one inlet in the surrounding hill there are rest huts, which are small, cozy and compact. On request, one can hire a private jetty for a pleasurable boat ride. The Badkhal Lake has also been provided with a compact and cool bath complex.

Facilities:Motels, restaurants, Minivet huts, camper huts, conference hall luxury launch for boating, filling station, children's park, a bank extension counter and adventure sport facilities of canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing and trekking available.

Badkhal delights with its accommodation wings. View the serene lake. Luxury in the guestrooms is not over opulent, just welcoming. The rooms on the first floor have their own balconies. On the ground floor is a tiny garden, just for a chat or two, from where Badkhal Lake spreads out - far into the distance. Monsoon streams and rivulets have grooved the face of the august Aravalli hills.

On one such inlet, rest the twin Minivet Huts that are cozy and compact, complete with two beds rooms, drawing room, kitchenette and a little garden. On request the private jetty gets a boat for a pleasurable evening.

On similar spur, stand the Grey Falcon and Mayur restaurants. Each with its an ambience. Each with its unique cuisine. Badkhal has also been provided with a compact and cozy bath complex. The swimming pool has a decorated water feature, sauna chamber and massage units. A luxury yacht ride is not an impossible thing over the placid waters of the lake.

On weekends and holidays, the crowds collect at Badkhal. The embankment bristles with sellers of snack food. The playground fills up. Badkhal also provides the essential services of a filling station and a bank extension counter.

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