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Location : Kurukshetra, Haryana
Religious Belief : Lord Brahma Conceived Earth Here
Main Rituals : Ritual Bath, 'Deep Daan'
Nearby Attraction : Geeta Mandir

Amongst the holiest of water tanks of the revered land of Kurukshetra, is the Brahma Sarovar. It is the cradle of civilization. It is believed that Lord Brahma, the Creator of the Universe conceived the Earth here. The sanctity of this water tank finds mention in the memoirs of Al Beruni named 'Kitab-ul-Hind', wherein he wrote of the tank as "the tank resembles an ocean". This scholar was describing the country in the 11th century AD.

Today, the Brahma Sarovar has been renovated. It is 3600x1500 feet in size. Its crowning feature is the holy seat of Lord Mahadev, which is a small but sacred temple built to stand within the lake and is linked to the outer periphery by a small bridge. With the outer walls of the tank having been rebuilt, the lake is lined by bathing steps. There are arched enclosures for pilgrims. Hermits sit here for prayers, quite undisturbed by the crowds.

Common Rituals
According to the holy scriptures, a dip in this Sarovar bears the sanctity of performing the 'Ashvamedha Yajna'. To bathe here on the days of the solar eclipse is believed to absolve one of all sins.

One of the most delightful occasions when this holy tank is breath-taking is on the event of 'Deep Daan' and 'Aarti'- a ceremony specially held as part of the Gita Jayanti celebrations in the last week of November and early December, every year.

Other Attractions
Migratory birds from far off lands visit the farthest end of this holy tank, during the winter. Adjacent to Brahma Sarovar lies Birla Gita Mandir, a traditional structure built here. Along side, one can also see Baba Nath's haveli and temple.

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