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Location : Yamuna Nagar, Haryana
Main Recreation : Rafting
Attraction : The Exotic Birds

A short drive from the town of Yamuna Nagar begins the Sal forest reserve of Kalesar. At Poanta Sahib, the river Yamuna crosses over the last lap of the Himalayan foothills and flows into the plains of Haryana. And, the waters of the western Yamuna Canal are caught in the barrage at Tajewala. Each of these centres is within 5 kms. The tourism centre of Haryana Tourism at Hathni Kund forms a link between these attractions. Built on a raised plinth, the complex over looks the flowing waters of the Yamuna. In the far distance, stand the foothills of the Himalayas slowly blending into the skyline.

Rafting at Hathni KundGo Rafting
Hathni Kund is not the usual quiet retreat it seems, at a glance. The summers bring groups of adventurous river rafters. Launching off on an expedition from Poanta Sahib, the rafts sway on till Hathni Kund. The rapids in this stretch are of medium intensity. Perfect for amateurs. A number of expeditions have been run already. Adding a special appeal to rafting is the facility to camp out in the lawns of this complex. After a rafting expedition and camping out at night, set off for a trek into the Kalesar forest reserve.

Not only is the Sal forest a delight but so is the bird life. The tree pie, peafowls, partridges will delight the ornithologist in you. Nilgai and an occasional chital can also be spied here. The next halt can be made at an absolutely different location, the waterfront of Tajewala. The barrage at this location has fascinated many an angler. The waters have the Mahaseer for all those who care for this very restful experience. A permit is necessary and can be obtained from the officer in charge. Special adventure club camps can be tailored to preference.

Facilities: Motel, restaurant rafting, camping, and bodysurfing and wildlife tracts for adventure sport.

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