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Location : Karnal, Haryana
Named After : Karna, The Eldest Pandava
Feature : Man Made

On the National Highway # 1, 124 km from Delhi lies the Karna Lake, a lovely green stretch of water that celebrates one of the protagonists of the epic Mahabharata, Karna.

Karna Lake is man made. It is made on what was once marshy land. Today, an emerald coloured lake shimmers as the central attraction. TheKarna Lake lake has an identity of its own, its green waters, a small island and the surrounding fringes of bottlebrush have attracted darters and the Kingfishers. Ducks and geese flit in and around the water adding to the quiet pleasures of Karna Lake. Boating is an added attraction here.

The structures round it provide some of the most delightful luxuries for tourists. Designer decorated guestrooms look out to the lake outside. Each room faces the landscaped surrounding. The tall eucalyptus shut off the din of the highway. Karna Lake also has twin luxury cottages that are quiet and restful. The interiors are designer decorated and a world apart in themselves. A well-equipped conference hall is an integral part of the complex - complete with steno cabin and allied facilities.

Facilities: Motel, restaurant bar luxury cottages, lake for boating, snack-counter and green lawns.

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