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Location : Chandigarh
Built By : Le Corbusier, P.L. Varma
Feature : Man Made
Venue for : Mango Festival

The manmade picturesque Sukhna lake in the foothills of Shivalik range is an idyllic place for quiet communion with nature and for offering water sports activities such as boating, yachting, water skiing, etc. The creation of Lake was one of the greatest gifts from Le Corbusier and P. L. Varma, the Chief Engineer. To preserve its tranquility Corbusier insisted that it be forbidden to motor boats and the top of the promenade prohibited to vehicular traffic.

Sukhna- LakeThe roof of the elegantly landscaped dam has become a favourite promenade. Serious 'walkers' pursue an exercise regime, families enjoy an evening stroll and nature lovers mingle with children on roller skates, to partake of this extraordinary amenity.

Beauty Captured
Photographers and painters love to capture its scenic beauty of the setting sun, or the heavily clouded monsoon sky, or the early morning mist in winter set amidst the tranquility of the lake. Even anglers do not leave unrewarded.

The evenings see Sukhna again coming alive with tourists, and families thronging the promenade, the Chef Lakeview, Citco's fast food joint, shops and of course the jetty for a boat ride. For children there are a number of joy rides and a mini train. As night descends, the lights from the hill resort of Kasauli reflect in the lake and present a bewitching sight.

Bird's Paradise
Sukhna is a sanctuary for many exotic migratory birds like the Siberian duck, Storks and Cranes, during the winter months. The Lake has been declared as a protected national wetland by the Government of India.

Venue For Activities
Sukhna Lake has played host to many festive celebrations too. The most popular is the Mango Festival held during the monsoons when scores of varieties of mangoes are on display. From time-to-time other food festivals, featuring specialities from different Indian States , are also held here, alongwith cultural performances.

The Lake, which was the venue for the Asian Rowing Championships, has the longest channel for rowing and yachting events in Asia. It also has facilities for other water sports like water surfing, skiing etc.

How To Get There

Air: Chandigarh is linked to Delhi by twice weekly (Wednesday and Friday ). Indian Airlines flights from Delhi and to Amritsar. The airport is 11kms from downtown. Taxis are available for airport transfer.

Rail: Chandigarh is linked with its principal gateway city, Delhi .

Road: Chandigarh is well connected by road and buses provide an important transport link. There are services from various states such as- Haryana. Punjab, Himachal, Delhi and Chandigarh.

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