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Location : Faridabad, Haryana
Built By : Tomar King, Surajpal
Main Attraction : Annual Surajkund Crafts Mela
Main Recreation : Boating

Located 17.7 km away from the city on Delhi -Agra Road, Suraj Kund is in Haryana State. Tomar Raj Surajpal dug up this Kund in 11th century in order to meet the water shortage in southwest Delhi. Today, there is no water in the Kund but the temple of Sun God still exists there.

Suraj Kund MelaThe construction consists of a steeped stone embankment on a semi-circular plan to impound the rainwaters, from which were recently retrieved from the reservoir, or which are found re-used in later constructions.

One can enjoy the placid waters of the lake, as there are facilities for boating.

History Chronicled
Suraj Kund Tourist Complex is a place steeped in history. Tomars were the first citizens before the first city of 'Lal Kot' was founded. A little south is Sidha Kund, where there is water, still. Tomar ruler Raja Suraj Pal had this tank made for his daughter. Suraj Kund represents the rising sun and consists of a semi-circular stepway leading down to the lake. Ruins of a Sun temple lie around the lake, and people insist that the lake had healing powers in days gone by.

Suraj Kund Crafts Mela: The Life Of Suraj Kund
The Crafts Mela celebrates the finest handlooms and handicrafts traditions of country. Held in the month of February from 1st-15th, the fair embodies the spirit that runs through the people of India and its rich culture. The Suraj Kund Crafts Mela is held just 8 kms from south Delhi.

Suraj Kund MelaOther Attractions

Badkhal Lake: Close to Badhkal lake is the Peacock Lake, another picturesque spot.

Anangpur Barrage: Anangpur Barrage is 2 km to the west and in May-June, whole environment is changed with the blossom of wild flowers.

Where to Stay

Hotel Raj Hans, 8 kms from south Delhi.
Hermitage, Suraj Kund.
Sunbird Tourist Complex, Suraj Kund.

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