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Location : Haryana
Formed In : 1948
Formerly Known As : Kanaud
Main languages/Dialect : Hindi, English, Haryanvi

Located in the northern part of Haryana, Mahendragarh is circumscribed on the north by Bhiwani and Rohtak districts and on the east by Rewari and Alwar districts of Rajasthan. It is bounded on the south by Alwar , Jaipur and Sikar districts of Rajasthan , and on the west by Sikar and Jhunjhunu districts of Rajasthan. Mahendragarh District with its head quarters at Narnaul comprises of two sub-divisions, 2 tehsils and five blocks.

Mahendragarh district was formed in 1948 by grouping different tracts of erstwhile princely states; Narnaul and Mahendragarh tehsils from Patiala State, Dadri (Charkhi Dadri) from Jind State and a part of Bawal Nizamat from Nabha State.

The Story of Possession

Mahendragarh town was previously known as Kanaud, which took its name from the Kanaudia group of Brahmins. It was founded by Malik Mahmud Khan, a servant of Babur and was inhabited, in the beginning, by the Brahmins of Kanaudia group. It remained a 'pargana' of Narnaul under the Mughal Emperors. Later on, it was conquered by a Thakur of Jaipur , who in turn was expelled by Nawab Najaf Quli Khan, the great minister of Delhi Court under Shah Alam. On his death his widow maintained her independence in the fortress, but in 1792, Scindia's General, De Boigne killed her in the battle.

Mahendragarh then became the principal stronghold of Appa Khande Rao. The fort of Mahendragarh is said to have been built by the Marathas. It eventually became a possession of the British, who granted it to the Nawab of Jhajjar. By a 'sanad' of 1861, the 'pargana' of Mahendragarh was granted by the British Government to Narendra Singh, the then ruler of Patiala State.

Tourist Attractions

Mahendragarh Fort: There is a fort at Mahendragarh, which was built by Maratha ruler, Tantia Tope during the 17th century. The place was named as Mahendragarh in 1861 AD by Narinder Singh, the then ruler of the erstwhile princely state of Patiala, in honour of his son, Mohinder Singh and consequently the town came to be known as Mahendragarh. The name of Narnaul Nizamat was changed to "Mohindergarh Nizamat".

Sehlong: The place carries a religious significance. A 'mela' (fair) is held in January-February in memory of Khimag Devta. Popular belief is that lighting up a lamp at the shrine cures one suffering from leprosy.

Mandola: An abode of the religious saint, Baba Kesria, Mandola is very famous with the devotees. Local people worship the saint with great reverence. A fair is also held in his memory on first September every year. It is said that a visit to this place cures a person of snakebite.

Modawali: In the months of July and August, corresponding with the Hindu month of 'Sawan', people bring sacred water from Haridwar and sprinkle over the idol of Lord Shiva in the temple of Modawali. This is known as 'bethi (sitting) kawar'. They travel on foot during the entire journey from Haridwar to Mahendragarh.

Brahmachari Ashram: It is a very important place from the religious point of view, with people coming and participating in the religious get-togethers. In the early morning, people take bath and perform religious activities here.


Kanina: Situated 17 kms from Mahendragarh, Kanina is situated on Rewari-Bikaner railway line. Previously, this area was under the possession of the ruler of Nabha. An important grain market, it is also connected by road with Rewari and Mahendragarh.

Bagot: It is religiously a very important place and is situated at a distance of 25 kilometres from Mahendragarh. There is a famous Shiva temple here. A big fair is held on the eve of Shiva-Ratri in the month of Sawan. A large number of people come here from far and wide to worship the idol of Lord Shiva.


How to Get There
Rail: The city is well connected by rail. It has a small railway station on Rewari-Bikaner railway line.
Road: A well-developed network of road transport connects Mahendragarh to the surrounding areas. The town is connected by road with other important cities, viz. Narnaul, Rewari, Charkhi Dadri, Delhi and Chandigarh.

Total Area: 1,683 sq. kms.
Population: 6,81,869.
North Latitude: 270 47' to 280 26'.
East Longitude: 750 56' to 760 51'

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