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Location : Narnaul, Haryana
Also Known As : Birbal Ka Chhatta
Built By : Rai Mukand Dass.

Chatta Rai Mukand Das, built by Ray-i-Rayan Mukand Dass, the Diwan of Narnaul, during the reign of Shah Jahan (1628-58 AD) is a spacious building. It said that Akbar and Birbal visited this town and that is why Chhatta Rai Mukand Das is also popularly known as Chhatta of Birbal. Though simple and unattractive from outside, the five storeyed building is dexterously planned and embellished. Having several halls, rooms and pavilions, the entire planning and the remnants of the interior decoration show ambitious intentions.

The Splendid Architecture
Imparting spaciousness and light to the interiors, the building has extensive open terraces on the south, light elliptical pavillions on different levels and halls standing on pillars. The verandah that runs around a central court was once adorned with a marble fountain. Marble has been profusely used for veneering the pillars and brackets that are provided with artificial cataracts and drains.

A dilapidated well is in the southeastern corner on the terrace from which the water was supplied into reservoirs, at various levels. An exquisite isolated gateway-complex, well provided with projecting balconies and marble veneering stands a few metres to the west of the palace. This is said to have been the main entrance to the complex.

There are three underground floors though it is possible to visit only one, which has remarkable provision for natural light. It is believed that the building is equipped with four underground tunnels leading to Jaipur, Mahendragarh, Delhi and Dhosi. People believe that a marriage party once went down the tunnel leading to Delhi and was not heard of again.

Nearby attraction
Sarai Rai Mukand Das lies at a small distance from the Chhatta. The building bears an epigraph, which says that, during the reign of Shah Jahan, Rai-Rayan Mukand Das, a servant of Nawab Asif Khan built the lofty building of under the super vision of Mehta Puran Mal Hari Dass.

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