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Location : Narnaul, Haryana
Also Known As : Sign Board Of Narnaul
Built By : Jamal Khan.
Contains : Graves.

The Sign Board Of Narnaul
Chor Gumbad, as the name itself suggests was once a hideout for thieves and burglars. Eminently located in Narnaul, this monument has been conspicuous by its isolated identity and haunting appearance. It is, therefore, called the 'signboard of Narnaul'. It looks like a haunted fairy place of the old folk tales.

Jamal Khan, an Afghan, constructed Chor Gumbad, as his tomb. The big square monument, with S-curved, pointed arches as well as other details of construction resembles the tomb complex of Shah Wilayat. The single-chambered tomb contains graves.

Giving a double-storeyed appearance from outside, the tomb actually has single storey with the second level obtained by providing an open verandah running around. Though the time of its construction is not known, the wide low dome and arches and some other features of architecture, place it in point of time with the tomb of Shah Nizam and old parts of the adjoining Madarsa built in 1357 AD in the Tughluq style.

The complex is also known as 'Bhul-Bhuhaiyan', (a maze) as the passage running in the thickness of the walls is likely to baffle the visitor, with its twists and turns.

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