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Location : Panipat, Haryana
Dedicated To : Bu Ali Shah Qalandar
Celebration Time : Annual Urs
Built By : Emperor Ghyasuddin

In the religious and spiritual realm, Panipat has had a rich tradition of Sufi saints and scholars. The most famous of these was Bu-Ali-Shah-Qalandar, whose dargah has been a sacred pilgrimage since 13th century.

The Revered Sufi Saint
The Dargah of Bu-Ali-Shah-QalandarBu Ali Shah Qalandar was born in 1209 AD when Qutubuddin Aibak was the ruler in Delhi . He lived for nearly 112 years and was deeply revered by both the Hindus and Muslims for his deep spirituality and miraculous powers. During phases of doubt and anguish, Alauddin Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi used to visit Bu-Ali-Shah-Qalandar at Panipat and seek his blessings. Amir Khusro was a frequent visitor to this Sufi Saint. Khusro was deeply moved by Bu-Ali-Shah-Qalandar's wisdom and words.

In 1324, the Saint passed away at the age of 112 years and Emperor Ghyasuddin of Delhi built a tomb in his memory. It is situated just outside the town. The grave is made of marble and decorated with beautiful sculpture. The monument underwent successive additions and alterations. During Aurangzeb's reign, (1658-1707) a front verandah with beautiful paintings and stylistic calligraphy was added. A marble screen in its front displays fine workmanship and echoes the Mughal style 'jalis' so present in the buildings in Agra and Delhi.

Time For Festivity
Today, the Dargah beckons pilgrims from far and near and Urs Mubarak is celebrated joyously with Sufi abandon every year on the Saint's death anniversary. The WAKF Board makes the arrangements. The Dargah has a 'langar' on this day every year and every Thursday. People of all religious denominations converge to pay obeisance to the Saint.

There is a beautiful tank in the Dargah and the precincts have been landscaped. A library has been built which houses books on Sufism and saints.

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