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Location : Fatehabad, Haryana
Built By : Humayun
Built During : 1529 And 1556 AD

The mosque known as the Humayun's Mosque, was built by Mughal emperor, Humayun during the period 1529 to 1556 AD. It is built at a place where the 'lat' erected by the Delhi Sultan Feroz Shah Tughluq was already standing. The mosque consists of an oblong open courtyard.

To the west of this mosque is built a screen made of 'lakhauri' bricks. The screen contains a 'mihrab' flanked by two arched recesses on either side. An inscription praising the emperor Humayun was found here.

How To Get There
Air: The nearest airport is at Delhi.
Rail: Bhattu is the nearest railway station.
Road: There is a well-developed network of road transport, with the main bus station at Fatehabad itsel

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