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Location : Panipat
Built By : Babur
Built In : 1526 AD

Kabuli Bagh Mosque Kabuli Bagh Mosque was built by Babur after the First Battle of Panipat to commemorate victory over Sultan Ibrahim Lodi. Built in 1526 AD, the mosque, situated inside an enclosure having octagonal towers at its corners, has its entrance on the north. The gateway built of bricks with red sandstone facing consists of a lintel bracket-type opening encased in a huge arch, the spandrels of which are decorated with arched recesses encased in rectangular panels.

The main prayer hall, square on plan has annexes on sides and its high façade divided in panels is plastered with lime. Each annexe has nine bays, which are crowned with hemispherical domes sitting on low drums. Humayun, after defeating Salim Shah, added a masonry platform known as 'Chabutra-I-Fateh Mubarak'. It bears an inscription dating back to 1527 AD.

How To Get There
Air: The nearest airport is at Delhi .
Rail: The nearest rail junction is at Panipat.
Road: Panipat has a bus stand of its own.

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