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Location : 8 Kms From Narnaul Town, Haryana
Famous For : Chavan Rishi Underwent Penance Here
Main Attraction : Chavan Shrine, Shiva Kund

About eight kilomtres west of Narnaul town, Dhosi Hill is located near the villages, Thana and Kultajpur. This hill has acquired a countrywide fame, as it is believed that Chavan Rishi practised penance here for many years. On the top of this hill a saucer shaped plain surface is strewn with its ruins of a hill fortress, probably built by King Naunkaran of Bikaner. This place is considered most sacred and is regarded as 'Tirtha' or a pilgrimage.

A temple dedicated to Chavan Rishi decorates the hill. In the memory of Chavan Rishi, a big fair is held on the occasion of Somavati Amavas. Born in Bbirgu dynasty, Chavan is said to be the founder of Bhargava community. The Bhargavas of Haryana are also known as Dhosar. The celebrated warrior-general, Hemu, was a Dhosar, a Brahmin.

It is said that the Chavan Rishi used to take a special type of herb known as 'Chavan Prash'. It is widely believed that this herb is very much common here on the hill. Due to constant use of this herb, Rishi maintained his body well for a longer period. It is after his name that a medicine known as Chavan Prash has become very common and popular throughout the country.

A Shiva temple, tank and a well exist on the hill. On the Dhosi Hill the other religious spots of interest are Panch Tirathi and Suraj Kund.

Shiva Kund: The water of the tank and the well is regarded sacred as that of the Ganga and the Yamuna. People come here from far and wide to have an audience of the image of Chavan Rishi. After having a bath in the tank, people consider themselves lucky and free from past sins. In this tank separate ghats for taking bath exist for men and women.

Temples: There are two temples on the top of the hill-one about 250 years old and the other about 100 years old. In the main temple, the idols of Chavan Rishi, Sukanya, Krishna and Radha stand installed. Besides, an asht dhatu idol of Lord Vishnu lies on Shesh Shayya posture. At some distance from the temple, there still exists a cave where the ascetic is said to have performed severe penance.

The Climb Up The Hill
A devotee has to climb 457 stairs of the Dhosi hill via village Thana. The people also go up the Dhosi hill via village Kultajpur through Khura (plain stairs) and take bath in the Shiva Kund. There is a 5-6 feet long wall alongwith the stairway. One can easily go up the hill with the support of this wall.

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