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Location : Kurukshetra, Haryana
Significance : Lord Krishna Preached Gita Here
Area : About 1.5 Acres
Major Attraction : 5,000 Years Old Banyan Tree .

Jyotisar, lying 5 kms from the Kurukshetra railway station is one of the most revered holy centres of Kurukshetra. Renovated recently, it retains its divinity as the birthplace of the holy Bhagwad Gita. A 'Vat' (banyan) tree stands on a raised plinth. Jyotisar is the land of Bhagwad Gita where Lord Krishna is believed to have delivered the message to Arjuna on the eve of the battle of Mahabharata.

Jyotisar, the land of Bhagwadgita A marble chariot depicting lord Krishna delivering the 'Shrimad Bhagwad Gita' to Arjun marks the site. In one of the secluded sections of this centre, an old Shiv temple can be seen. Hundreds of years ago, a tank measuring 1000x5000 feet was built here.

The Silent Witness To A Divine Treatise
A banyan tree, believed to be more than 5,000 years old, still stands at the spot. It is believed that it was under this holy banyan that Lord Krishna delivered the doctrine of 'karma' to a wavering Arjuna. He showed his 'Viraat Swaroop', the image of Himself as the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer, at whose behest only every leaf, every bud, every event and every man moved.

The Facilities For The Pilgrims
Today, the Kurukshetra Development Board has renovated the site. A mango-shaped lake has been constructed here. Covered bathing ghats for the ladies have been provided. Cement parapets and enclosures have been built for protection. A pavement runs around the lake. A restaurant for the yatris is proposed to be built here in the near future. The area has been landscaped with flowering bushes and eucalyptus trees.

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Jyotisar Complex.

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