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Religion Of : Haryana
Main Religion : Hinduism
Other Religions : Sikhism, Islam, Christianity

The majority of people in Haryana follow Hinduism and observe traditional Hindu beliefs. The people of Haryana consider themselves to be the descendants of the Aryans and Haryana as the inaugural site of the Aryan's experimentation of an agrarian society. The main gods worshipped are Shiva, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, Hanuman and Kali, apart from others. Most of the temples are built for Vishnu and Shiva, with the former being more popular as Rama and Narayan.

Lord KrishnaHaryana was a part of Punjab till 1966, and so was home to the Sikh Gurus and a part of the Sikh empire founded by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. With the passage of time, the Jats and Sikhs intermingled and gave birth to the Jat Sikh clan, which is a more urbanised and enterprising than the simplistic Punjab Sikhs. Today, the largest concentration of Sikhs is in the northern district of Ambala.

Muslims make up about 5% of the total population. Although Islam does not preach casteism, there are three categories of Muslims in Haryana. The 'Asharf' or 'Sharaf' (noble) form the higher caste, and the 'Ajlaf' (base or mean) is the middle with 'Arzal' (lowest of all) coming at the end. There are Muslim Rajputs as well as converted Muslims. Christians, Jains and Buddhists are few and scattered across the state, while Sikhs are in large numbers in central and west Haryana.

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