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State : Haryana
Length Of The Course Of River In Haryana : 200 Miles
Originating Point : 200 Miles

The river Ghaggar, a river of the northern India is India's main seasonal river. The Ghaggar rises in the Shivalik Range, northwestern Himachal Pradesh , and flows about 200 miles (320 km) southwest through Pinjore in the state of Haryana, where it receives the Saraswati River. It rises up in the outer Himalayas between the Yamuna and the Sutluj and enters Haryana near Pinjore. Passing through Ambala and Hissar it reaches Bikaner in Rajasthan and runs a course of 290 miles before finally disintegrating in the deserts of Rajasthan.

It eventually loses itself in the sands of the Thar Desert . Just southwest of Sirsa, it feeds two irrigation canals that extend into Rajasthan . The Ghaggar was probably once an affluent of the Indus River. Its seasonal flow is dependent on monsoon rainfall.

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