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Location : 25 Kms From Narnaul, Haryana
Dedicated To : Lord Shiva
Built By : Baba Rameshwar Dass

The village is situated at a distance of 25 kilometres from Narnaul in south-west direction on Haryana-Rajasthan border. It is famous mainly for the temple of Baba Rameshwar Dass. This temple has been built on the land of village Bamanwas where the main wall of the temple makes the border of the village Tibba Basai of Rajasthan . The huge temple was built by Baba Rameshwar Dass.

Since 1963, the construction work of this temple has been continuously done from time to time. Consequently, it has become one of the greatest temples of this area. The temple has a very spacious hall having beautifully decorated walls and marble flooring where thousands of devotees can sit at a time. Beautiful marble idols of gods and goddesses have been installed in the hall and in numerous different rooms around it. On the right side of the main temple, there is a beautiful Shiva temple in the premises of which a huge stone image of Nandi (length of about 25 feet; height of about 15 feet and width of about 20 feet) has been installed.

Inside the temple is a unique 10 feet high Shiv Linga that stands installed besides other images of Lord Shiva. On the walls of the temple the preaching of the Gita, the Ramayana and other religious epics are written. The painted idols on walls and marble are unique. The idol of Lord Hanuman on the main entrance of the temple is so huge (having a height of 40 feet approximately) that probably it has no comparison in Northern India.

People of Haryana and Rajasthan have great devotion for Baba Rameshwar Dass. The devotees from all over India (mainly from Calcutta , Bombay , Ahemdabad , Delhi and Hyderabad and many other cities) come for having a glimpse of the' image of Baba and due to the help rendered by these devotees, this huge temple could be raised. The Baba came to this place in the beginning of 1963 and the construction work of this temple was started. The people of Bamanwas made available the land for the temple to the Baba. Thereafter, the amenities like electricity, water-supply and roads were provided.

Before the construction of this temple, Baba Rameshwar Dass had changed many places. In the initial stage he lived along with his Guru, Shri Nand Brahmehari at Shiv Kund located at the ridge of Dhosi. After the death of his Guru he constructed a temple at village Bighopur in Narnaul Sub-Division and lived there. Thereafter, the Baba came to this place (Bamanwas) and got this temple constructed.

Main Festivity
A big fair is held annually on the occasion of Ram Navmi when lakhs of devotees from various parts of the country participate. The most peculiar feature of the temple is that no cash donations are accepted there.

How To Get There
Both Haryana and Rajasthan Governments have constructed metalled roads in their respective areas up to this temple.

Bus service of Haryana Roadways is also available from Narnaul bus stand to the temple.

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