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Location : Karnal, Haryana
Presiding Deity : Goddess Sita
Made Of : Bricks

The ancient shrine of Sita Mai is situated at a distance of 19 kilometres from Nilokheri in a small village known as Sitamai. Dedicated to goddess Sita, the shrine is built in the ordinary form of a Hindu temple. It is made of bricks, but the feature is the elaborate ornamentation, which covers the whole shrine. The pattern of the shrine is formed by deep lines in the individual bricks, which seems to have been made before the bricks were burnt, so that the forms they were to take must have been separately fixed for each brick.

Some Muslim emperor tampered with the shrine, leading to its being pulled down and thrown into the tank. The bricks have been put together again without any regard to the original pattern. The shrine is said to mark the spot where the earth swallowed Sita in answer to her appeal in proof of her purity.

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