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Location : 46 Kms From Delhi, Haryana
Founded by : Dr. Salim Ali
Main Attractions : Migratory Birds, Kingfishers

Sultanpur National ParkHaryana's Bird Paradise

Located 46 kms from Delhi , Sultanpur National Park, is just a- short drive away from the Delhi - Jaipur Highway. A stretch of marshy land has been remodelled. The artificial mounds have turned into green glades. The marsh has been converted into a water body. A number of organisms like crustaceans, fish and insects thrive during floods, which attract a number of birds to this area.

The sanctuary potential of the place was first recognised by the world famous ornithologist, Mr. Peter Jackson. Keeping in view its importance and potential, the area covering 359 acres was declared a bird sanctuary in 1971 and was upgraded to the status of National Park in 1991 by Haryana Government. Sultanpur was a haunt of our very own birdman, Late Dr. Salim Ali.

The Avian Population
With the years, hundreds of species of migratory birds have winged in to stay here. Winter brings in birds from as far as Siberia. Flock of geese from Europe also flit in. The local birds flap in, too. A world of darters, egrets, shovellers, gadwell, geese dominate. Teals, kingfishers, lapwings, sandpipers, demoiselle cranes and such other water birds flock in. Over 100 species have been identified here. The number of birds visiting the place has multiplied over the years.

Every year nearly 90 migratory birds arrive here in search of feeding grounds and also to spend the winter. In winter, the sanctuary affords a picturesque panorama of migratory birds such as rosy pelican, spotted sandpiper, starling, blue throat etc. in summer, 11 species of birds such as koel and cuckoo can be recognised by their melodious voice. Apart from birds, animal species like blue bull are also found in plenty in the area.

Sultanpur National Park Bird-Watching Made Easy
Innumerable bird watchers come in to observe bird antics. There are hideouts, watchtowers and a museum of sorts for those keen on serious study. Guestrooms and catering wing await the patrons.

Facilities: Guestrooms, restaurant, family cottages, a bar, hideouts and watchtowers.

The government is constantly endeavouring to improve the habitat so that more birds come to nest in this area and also to help the bird lovers to come and study the bird life. The bird lovers on their part are requested not to disturb the birds by creating noise or frightening them with music.

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