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Location: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 1,560m
Places Of Interest: Choordhar Peak, Kairighat, Renukaji
Best Time To Visit: April To September

Once just a brief stopover on the Kalka-Shimla highway, Barog town has grown to be destination in itself. Surrounded by pine trees and oak trees, Barog is located in an idyllic setting. The magnificent Choor Chandni or Choordhar peak, Barog is a beautifuk place, surrounded by pine trees and oak trees, Himachal Pradesh, Barog, Himachal Pradeshwhich poetically translates 'Mountain of the Silver Bangle', is clearly visible from Barog, and when the moonlight lavishly pours itself on the slopes of the peak, it appears as though countless shimmering, silver bangles are sliding down in the night.

The night may have been romantic but the morning in Barog is very captivating and enthralling. The pines of Barog are full of cavort and pleasantries. Barog's railway station, on the Kalka-Shimla, is one of the most picturesque stations, modelled in the Scottish-style. This building has existed since 1903, when the line was opened and is built on a curvature. The belly of the Choordhar Mountain holds the longest railway tunnel on the Kalka-Shimla route-exactly 1,143m long.


Renuka: The largest lake in the state of Himachal Pradesh that is said to embody Goddess Renuka, the mother of Parshurama.   more...

Rajgarh: A pleasant area, dotted with several orchards and delightful picnic spots such as Habban and Nacchna.

Himachali man smoking "Chilam" Solan: Solan's prime attractions are the old Jatoli temple and the Shalooni Devi temple. There is also an ancient brewery and distillery near Solan. On the nearby Rajgarh Road, is the impressive Horticultural and Forestry University. The town also boasts of some fascinating specimen of old colonial architecture.  more...

Kumarhatti: 63-km away from Kumarhatti is the point to Nahan and Dagshai. Dagshai was a British cantonement, surrounded by pine trees, it has an old church and a boarding school. An alternate road is being developed at Kumarhatti to emerge at Solan and will eliminate the climb to Barog and the decent thereafter.

Kasauli: At 200m above sea level, is a hill station living in the 19th century. The narrow road goes up and down the hillside, offering magnificent vistas, including the twinkling lights of the plains of Punjab at night.   more...

Subathu: A former British cantonment, Subathu boasts the ruins of an old Gurkha fort.

Kairighat: Once a dak bungalow, Kairighat now functions as a fine economy hotel, under Himachal Tourism.


Rail: Barog is well connected with all the major places in the state places by mountain train and the experience of travelling in them can be a memorable one.

Road: Barog lies on Shimla-Kalka highway and regular buses and taxis ply from both of these places.


Accommodation options available in Barog vary from luxury hotels such as HTPDC's Hotel Pinewood to small budget hotels with reasonable prices.


Solan: 08-km
Dharampur: 25-km
Kalka: 37-km
Shimla : 56-km
Chandigarh : 62-km

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