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State: Himachal Pradesh
Major Factors Affecting The Climate: Monsoons & Snowfall

The variance in climate is very much found in Himachal. From warm weather in the summer season in the months of April to mid-June to an extreme freezing point weather in the winter, between the months of November and February. Snowfall at elevations of about 3,000m is about 3mtrs during the winter months and about 4,500m is perpetual snow.

Rainy season becomes unbearable with dripping humidity of monsoons hitting the state between the months of June and September. The heavy rains in July and August cause damage to erosion, floods and landslides, so its better to avoid this season for travel in Himachal. The Best Time to Visit Himachal is during the month of October till March, when the weather is cool and one can also enjoy skiing sports that takes places in many places in Himachal. One can enjoy the pleasant weather of this hilly region between the months of April till June when it is hot on plains and cool on hills.

Lightweight cottons and linens are recommended as summer wears and warmer clothes should be put on in winter and on cooler evenings. Waterproofing is essential during monsoons. Monsoon rains occur in most regions in summer between June and September.

The Three-Main Season Of Himachal Pradesh:

Winter : October - February
Summer : April - Mid-June
Rainy : End Of June - September

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