Kamru Fort in Solan Valley- A Famous Kamkhya Devi Fort Tour in Himachal

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Location: 2-km from Solan Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Houses: An Image of Kamkhya Devi
Unique Feature: An exotic Image of Lord Buddha on the Fort's Main Gate

At a distance of 2-km from the Sangla valley, lies this amazing place, the tower-like fort of Kamru. The Sangla valley is a breathtaking beauty in itself, with a blaze of saffron trees and cold snowmelt. Here, the river Bapsa flows to meet the churning torrent of the Sutlej River at Karcham.

the tower-like fort of Kamru, Himachal PradeshThe nature shows off its existence and the splendour of this land. Along its sides rise snowclad mountains, thick forests of deodar trees, and lush green and richly fruited orchards.

The Kamru fort is a silent sentinel, situated at a fearsome altitude of 2,600 m above the sea level. This place is at a distance of 229-km from Shimla, and is a dense cluster of houses, surrounded by fields and orchards. The road distance from Himachal Pradesh to Kamru fort is 611-km. The main gate of Kamru displays an exotic image of the Lord Buddha. A series of gates through the village lead to the fort.

The fort seems like being placed over packing of dressed stone that acts like a pedestal for an exalted piece of art. The tower possesses an elegant wooden balcony. The image of Kamkhya (Kamakshi) Devi, believed to have been brought from Assam, is installed on the third floor.

There is also a 15th century temple of Lord Badrinath, which hosts a fair every three years. The image is carried to Gangotri, the source of the Ganga in Uttar Pradesh.

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