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Location: 40 km from Mandi Town. Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 2,730m above sea level
Nearby Attraction: A 3-Tiered Pagoda Temple

Parashar Lake, Himachal Pradesh, Mandi, Himachal PradeshLinked by road to Mandi is an interesting 14-km trek that is possible along a steep track from Kataula, which is easily accessible from Mandi.

The beautiful Prashar Lake is located high in the mountains, 40-km north of Mandi. It is here that sage Prashar is said to have meditated. On the lake's edge is a three-storeyed pagoda-like temple dedicated to the sage. Capped with a roof of slate tiles, the temple has a wealth of woodcarving. It is said to have been built by Raja Ban Sen of Mandi in the 14th century

Its remarkable setting is enhanced by a frame of snow-draped peaks, and visible from the lake's edge, the waters of the river Satluj flow due south. The lakeside and the nearby villages, are sites of various festivals held at different times of the year.

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