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Main Languages: Hindi, English & Punjabi

Linguistically the state has different, distinctive features and there are as many dislects as there were princely states. Every ten to twelve miles the dialect changes and yet there is enough uniformity to bind them all under the head of western Pahari, which is different from, the eastern Pahari of Nepal and the central Pahari og Garhwal and Kumaon.

The various dialects of Pahari spoken in region are 'Mandiali' in Mandi, 'Kulvi' in Kullu, 'Kehluri' in Bilaspur, 'Hinduri' in Nalagarh, 'Chameali' in Chamba, 'Sirmauri' in Sirmour, 'Miahasvi' in Mahasu region and 'Pangwali' in Pangi. Besides, there are the dialects of Bhot origin, the Kinnauri, the Lahaulu and the Spitian. All dialects of Pahari are of Sanskritic origin. They have been written differently in different times. In earlier days they were written in 'Tankri' or Thakari, but later during the Muslim period they were written in the Persian script. Still later they come to be written in 'Devanagri'.

Still, the dominant local language is Pahari, a Hindi dialect derived from Sanskrit and Prakrit. Hindi is medium of instruction in schools and is widely spoken. Because of the tribes - each with its own language and dialect - Himachal boasts of more than 60 dialects. In places with a Buddhist population, Tibetan is the language. With Himachal's close proximity to Punjab , Punjabi is the medium of communication in some places.

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