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Location: Near Gondla, Pin Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Popularly known as: Trilokinath
Houses: An image of Boddhisatva Avalokiteshwara
Discovered: 800 yrs

Prayer Wheel, Himachal PradeshLocated on the confluence of the Chandra and the Bhaga rivers, may be the oldest centre of Buddhist pilgrimage. Downstream, on the left bank of the Chandrabhaga is Tunde village, site of another ancient Buddhist shrine.

Found about 800 years ago but repaired extensively about 30 years ago, the gompa is linked to the one at Stakna, near Leh in Ladakh, and belongs to the Drukpa order. Guru Ghantal is made from wood and renowned for its carvings and idols of Padmasambhava.

This shrine is popularly known as Trilokinath and enshrines an image of 'Boddhisatva Avalokiteshwara'. The archaeological evidence found at this site indicates that it had been a significant Buddhist as well as Hindu pilgrimage site in the distant past.

Further below at the confluence of the Chandrabagha River and the Miyar stream, is an ancient temple of "Marichi Vajravarahi" at Udaipur, the earliest surviving relic of Indian Buddhism in the valley. It now enshrines a brass image of 'Mahishasurmardani'. The Buddhists continue to regard this site as a temple of "Marichi Vajravarahi".

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